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Which character do you think was really the best hacker?

Acid Burn
Crash Override
Cereal Killer
Lord Nikon
Razor and Blade
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Do Razor & Blade really count as only one person?
Well, they were never characterized separately in the movie... so yes. ^^'
poor joey is not going to get any votes.
i was thinking the same thing... no votes for joey :(
Was Phreak really a hacker? I thought he was a phreaker
a phreaker is just a phone hacker.
I figured as much....just didnt know if that fell into play.

ya know, like Cereal....who never actually had anything to do with a computer in the movie.

it's all technicalities
Yeah- any kind of taking advantage of technology I would call "hacking." Not just computers.
Poor Joey. I guess everybody who took this poll figured he was just there for the fries. He came off as such a newbie, so eager. Crash Override hacked Wall Street when he was a kid. Come on. And he sat up all night, a mathematical genius, figuring out the codes for the worm files. The other characters may very well have been better at hacking, but from what we saw from the movie, Dade's it. That's all there is to it.
Who got booted from OTV? Dade or Kate? That should tell you who's the best.
Well, yeah.....but Wall Street! C'mon, man. Dade was distracted by the fact that the person booting him was another hacker. He was too busy wrapped up in curiousity to keep her from booting him. It was early morning, too. I mean, yeah, Jolt Cola, but it was really late. Plus, if you're going by that logic, Joey is the last one to hack into the Gibson, the last one that didn't get booted off. That would mean Joey was the best and obviously, he's not. He's green.
Mmmm...Jolt Cola...*salivates*
I've only encountered Jolt Cola on a website once, but I have always wanted to get some. I wonder if it's bad for you, relative to other colas with less cafienne, that is. Yeah, that and some poprocks. Heh.