Mandy (thewrittenworld) wrote in hack_the_planet,

Anybody know where I can score some finger armor like the kind Kate wears in the movie?
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try hot topic. they sell stuff like that.
yeah, hot topic is the poser store. but they have some pretty cool looking things. But I warn you, I bought a few from there, and they broke that day. Cheaply made. not real metal at all.
Man. I was afraid of that. I imagine the actual metal ones might be more expensive. And Hot Topic kinda is a poseur store. They didn't add one to our mall until all the rich kids starting posing as punk. However, the people who work there look authentic. And they do have some awesome band stuff.
Ebay it
Creative solution. Interesting. I'll look into it.
I actually found one that resembles Burn's quite well on the second page if you put in " finger armor "
Which one? One of the rareities of the half fingers?


13 years ago

Deleted comment

Good to know. Thanks!
Maybe if you used an old ventilation tube, and some solder...

Sorry- I'm more used to making stuff myself than buying it. ^^
Any tips on how to make them? BTW, kudos to you for being so crafty. I've always wanted to do soldering. Every time my dad's glasses break, he ends up soldering something, or soldering something on his guitar.
Well, you'd have to find a metal (proably thin sheet metal, like the kind used in ventilation systems) pipe about the circumference of your finger. Or you could get a sheet and bend it around a wooden dowel, or something. To form a cast. Then you'd have to cut it into sections, based on the length of each section of your finger (joint to joint, etc.) and then I guess you'd just solder them together. Maybe put some plumbing tape on the inside to cover up the angle between segments.

O_O Geez. That'd be really hard. Better just keep on the lookout for one in a store. ^^
Actually, I might try to make one, just to see if I could, though I'd probably end up buying one.
you could always try looking at your local renaissance festival, too. I think I remember seeing some like that the last time I went to one.
I don't know if we have one of those here. I live in the south. Dam rednecks! I will definitely be looking for one, though. Thanks for the tip.